Tuesday 12 December 2017

Have a 07 reg? Why you should get your 'nearly 10-year-old' car NCT-tested now

If you get your car tested before its 10th birthday, you can get a two-year NCT cert
If you get your car tested before its 10th birthday, you can get a two-year NCT cert
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Thousands of owners with cars approaching their 10th birthday are being advised to have them NCT tested before the big day.

If they do so they will get a two-year certificate for their 2007-registered vehicle.

If they don't, they will only get a 12-month cert as their cars, as 10-year-olds, will have to be tested every year from that age onwards.

Apart from having to undertake an extra test, there is the added expense associated with it.

So it makes sense on a number of fronts to take the advice.

It also means that if you get tested now, and not in peak times such as January or February, you should avoid the big rush.

Effectively, the message being sent to owners is: "Get your vehicle tested before its 10th birthday and get a two-year certificate. After that, it will only get a one-year cert."

Meanwhile, the most up-to-date NCT figures on pass and failure rates (to the end of October) show 598,392 (or 47.4pc) passed first time while 660,023 (or 52.2pc) failed. Here is a breakdown of the figures:

Full tests -

Pass: 598,392 (47.4pc); Fail: 660,023 (52.2pc); Fail Dangerous: 5,117 (0.4pc); Total: 1,263,532.

Re-tests -

Pass: 596,493 (90.7pc); Fail: 60,100 (9.2pc); Fail Dangerous: 914 (0.1pc); Total: 657,507.

The number of 'Fail Dangerous' vehicles may not seem significant.

But the term applies to cars in such a dangerous condition that they should not have been driven to the test centre in the first place.

Essentially, they pose a risk to life and limb.

Owners of such cars are advised of their perilous condition and most have them towed away for repairs.

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