Thursday 26 April 2018

Hackers' paradise; Peugeot shift to the SUV look; BMW go electric; JLR engines

Peugeot will shows its 5008 at the Paris Motor Show later this month
Peugeot will shows its 5008 at the Paris Motor Show later this month

The advent of autonomous cars could make motoring a hackers' paradise, according to a security expert.

He says the software codes used in those cars will provide hackers with the opportunity to avail of "hundreds of thousands" of security risks.

The reason for such potential exposure is due to the vast quantities of code needed to run the systems.

David Barzilai, founder and CEO of coding expert Karamba Security, tells Autocar that the first "truly autonomous vehicles will run using hundreds of millions of lines of code".

To put what he is saying in context: current motors with partial autonomous technology, such as the Mercedes E-Class, Volvo XC90 and BMW 7 Series have around one hundred million lines of code.

He seems to suggest that as such technologies become more widespread, the lines of code will grow exponentially.

And that is likely, he says, to greatly increase the number of opportunities for hackers and criminals to break into digital systems.

So does that mean that you might think the car is driving itself but someone else is really in control?

Wouldn't that give you the shivers?

* Peugeot will shows its 5008 at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

The MPV represents a big shift in looks towards SUV. The seven-seater is expected here next year.

Its emergence means that the SUV look will now span the 2008 (here since the summer) the new 3008 SUV, due later this year, and the 5008 next year. That's what you call a trend.

The 5008 is the same height (1.64m), 11cm longer (to 4.64m) and 11cm wider. The result, they say, is 6cm more knee room for second-row passengers who occupy three matching, separate, folding/tilting seats.

There are three Isofix child seat anchor points for them there too. The third row of seats can be folded or removed, leaving 1,060 litres of luggage room. There are 38 litres of storage spaces in the cabin in total.

The new car also gets the latest version of Peugeot's i-Cockpit (small steering wheel, 8in touchscreen, 12.3in hi-res digital head-up instrument panel).

* Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it is to start making a new family of Ingenium four-cylinder petrol engines. It already makes Ingenium diesels.

It is also reported to be working on an 8spd transmission called Transcend.

* BMW is to bring out electric versions of its 3-Series, X4 and MINI Cooper.

* Ferrari is adding an historic F1 car display at its special event at Silverstone, on September 23-24.

That means there will be four cars wearing the famous badge from different decades on display at Ferrari Passione.

* Opel will debut its electric Ampera-e at the Paris show claiming it will be able to cover 400km on one charge.

Is it enough to cure range anxiety?

It's getting there surely.

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