Monday 17 December 2018

Get out of the way; Peugeot's hybrid drives; Chery's EU bid; WLTP surge.

Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 3008

Seconds count when emergency services are racing to an accident or incident.

But sometimes other road users can delay them by inadvertently slowing their passage. We've all seen rubber-necking at a crash on the M50, for example.

Now Ford and Vodafone are testing connected vehicle technology (500m range) that automatically warns other drivers of accidents ahead and, importantly, shows how to get out of the way.

The prototype teaches drivers how to create a 'corridor' so emergency vehicles are not hindered. Badly needed because many drivers are all over the place when they hear a siren.

• Peugeot is getting seriously into hybrid mode. It will have plug-in hybrid (PHEV) versions of its 508, 508SW and 3008SUV (pictured) vehicles by the end of next year as part of the PSA Group's plans to have an electric or hybrid version of each model in their ranges (expect an electric version of the 208 next year too)

The PHEVs will be powered by one of two systems, Hybrid or Hybrid4.

Each will have an 8spd automatic transmission and around 48kms (claimed) of pure-electric driving.

The 508 (and SW) will have the Hybrid system, 180hp petrol, 110hp electric motor, combined power of 225hp. Emissions are under 49g/km CO2.

The Hyrbid4 system, meanwhile, will give the 3008SUV four-wheel drive and multi-link rear suspension. The petrol engine and a motor on each axle develop a total of 300hp.

The less expensive hybrid system will come on the 3008 at a later date.

Peugeot says the models can be recharged in under two hours via a wallbox. The charging system fits into storage under the boot floor.

• Chinese brand Chery has opened a European facility in Frankfurt. The design and development centre is regarded as a concrete sign it intends to make inroads into a European market that has been difficult for others.

• The imminent advent of the new WLTP emissions regime sparked a rush of sales across Europe last month, new figures show.

The market spiralled by 30pc - its highest for August in 20 years. According to JATO Dynamics, registrations were boosted by stock clearances ahead of WLTP's introduction on September 1.

It reports: "This last-minute push for registrations just a month before the introduction of WLTP demonstrates a lack of preparation from many car makers.

"These results show how artificial registrations can be, and how easily they can be manipulated by external factors."

The latter sentiment can certainly be applied here.

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