Wednesday 20 November 2019

Ford to drop the 'outside' spare wheel on EcoSport

Ford's Ecosport crossover.
Ford's Ecosport crossover.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

We all complained about the spare wheel on the back of Ford's EcoSport crossover.

Now it looks like Ford are going to do something about it.

They will offer the EcoSport in Europe without the spare on the outside of the rear tailgate, it is reported.

Starting in May it will be a no-extra-cost option.

But it is not clear if there will be a full-spare under/in the boot (which is compact anyway) or whether we will get one of those puncture packs.

Ford were unable to confirm that to Independent Motors at time of going to press. Out of the frying pan into the fire?

Another thing we complained about - the EcoSport's side-hinged rear door - will not be changed.

At least not for now.

But when the EcoSport (which is built in India) was unveiled in Europe last year, Ford said the rear design could not be changed at all.

So you never know.

Meantime they are using the redesign to include new interior plastics in the cabin as well as making some changes to the suspension.

They are no doubt aware of the need to catch up on established marques such as the Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008 and Opel Mokka.

Indeed the growth in the compact Crossover sector took them a bit by surprise. And that did hasten their introduction of the EcoSport with one or two features (such as the tailgate) that Europeans might not immediately take to.

The new revision is designed to give the SUV "a bit more Fiesta personality," according to a Ford spokesman quoted by Automotive News Europe.

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