Thursday 22 March 2018

Ford launches a search for the oldest Fiesta in Ireland

Ford are searching for the oldest model of the super-mini
Ford are searching for the oldest model of the super-mini
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Calling all Ford Fiesta owners. History beckons if you have an ancient one.

Ford here are searching for the oldest version of the evergreen little supermini in the country.

The Fiesta itself is 40 years on the go in Ireland this year. And the Ford people reckon there should be a few of real vintage still knocking around.

The company is hoping that owners of older models will contact their local dealer.

Whoever has the oldest version will be guest of honour at a special celebration in late September.

The car first came here in 1976. That's the same year, we're told, that marked the start of Apple Computers and supersonic passenger flights on Concorde.

Ford are correct in saying the Fiesta was an important part of life for tens of thousands of Irish families down the years.

They reckon around 180,000 Irish people have bought one since it initially came on stream. World-wide they calculate more than 17 million have been bought.

Back in 1976, a new Fiesta cost from £2,365. Among its options, believe it or not, was a 'screw-off radio aerial'. Today, entry-level prices for the Fiesta start from €15,990, but for a limited period there's a 'special deal' Zetec model from €15,300.

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