Friday 20 April 2018

Five checks that will make it a better motoring holiday

A five-point plan can save you a lot of trouble on holidays
A five-point plan can save you a lot of trouble on holidays
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

LOTS of people head off in the car on their summer holidays so it is timely to remind them of a few little things that can not just make the travel more pleasant - but safer too.

Continental Tyres have put together a simple, neat five-point plan. It could save a lot of trouble.

1. Clean the car inside and out. A recent survey by the tyre company found that one-in-five motorists cleaned the cabin just once a year - usually when facing an NCT or garage visit. But clearing clutter has safety implications: if an empty can, bottle or piece of rubbish rolls under the brake pedal, for example, it could put a lot at risk.

2. Check the tyres. Obvious, but often forgotten. Tyres in good condition can mean the difference between avoiding an accident or being involved. Next time you fuel up, check your tyre pressure and tread depth - don't forget the spare wheel.

3. Check the windscreen wipers. The advice here is succinct: 'Lift the front and rear windscreen wipers away from the glass and check the rubber blade isn't worn down or peeling away from its base.'

4. Check the lights. We know driving with defective lights is illegal and dangerous but there are lots of them about. Get someone to walk around your car as you switch on the side lights, headlights, main beam, indicators, brake lights, fog lamps and reversing lights. (NB: If travelling to the continent, you have to use headlamp converter stickers so your headlights don't dazzle oncoming traffic.)

5. Check the car's service schedule. When was the last time it got a full, scheduled service?

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