Friday 27 April 2018

First Look: The flying car - and its top speed is almost 1,000km

Landing soon: Flying car
Landing soon: Flying car
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

If we're to believe Slovakia's Aeromobil, the flying car will be here in 2020.

Using electric drive, with power provided by a four-cylinder petrol engine, the top speed on the road is a mere 160km/h.

In three minutes, the carbon fibre car converts into a single prop aeroplane that can take off in around 500m.

In the air, top speed is much greater and a range of almost 1,000km is claimed.

It has been designed to appeal to super car owners and flight enthusiasts.

The latest prototype has only flown virtually, although earlier versions have been extensively tested.

Don't worry, if anything goes wrong it comes with a parachute.

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