Saturday 16 December 2017

Fascinating coincidence of 4,999 used cars

A customer prepares to test drive a used General Motors Chevrolet Corvette
A customer prepares to test drive a used General Motors Chevrolet Corvette
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

WE imported exactly the same number of used cars in two separate months this year.

In April we registered a total of 4,999.

And in July we
 registered a total of - yes exactly 4,999.

It is one of those
 fascinating coincidences.

I spotted the figures in the middle of the recent Society of the Irish Motor Industry statistics for car registrations up to the end of July.

As is so often the case with these matters, much of the public spotlight falls on
new-car registrations and on how much they have increased.

However, there has been, and remains, a vibrant level of trading in secondhand imports.

The SIMI figures show
that, on average, we are bringing in around 500 more cars every month than last year.

Up to July 31, the figures
reveal that we had bought nearly 34,000 (33,913, or up 11pc on July 2013) - the vast majority coming from across the water in England.

That trend will continue - I don't think anyone will dispute that.

And on that basis we are likely to end up with close to 60,000 used imports registered by the end of the year.

Sales/purchases ofthese cars tend to be spread fairly evenly over the 12 months with,
perhaps, a stronger than usual showing in January.

SUVs are top of the league for footballers

PREMIERSHIP footballers are big fans too - of large, costly SUVs.

New research shows the Range Rover is the most popular among them.

However, it barely edges out the Bentley Continental GT in the Footballers' Favourite' stakes.

On the basis of their records over the past five years, brokers Oracle Finance lined up the Top 10 as follows: Range Rover, Bentley Continental GT, Range Rover Sport, Audi Q7, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 458, Maserati Gran Turismo and Aston Martin DB9.

And if you're wondering why wealthy, over-paid footballers would
need finance services, it seems that is the most 'tax-effective way' of buying supercars.

The company can't reveal who buys what but say they work with "some of the biggest names in the footballing world".

A spokesman for the company said footballers like their luxury cars to have "high-up driving positions".

And that explains why they prefer 4x4s to out-and-out supercars.


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