Monday 18 December 2017

Fairytale fuel figures; people getting off buses; cyclists doing as they like

Fuel costs at the pumps have come down over the last 12 months, the AA said
Fuel costs at the pumps have come down over the last 12 months, the AA said

Readers highlight issues including 'fairytale' fuel consumption figures and bad habits of drivers.


Quoting manufacturers' figures is just fairyland. I've a Suzuki Swift which only does 42mpg on a long run and a Honda Accord diesel which can do as much as 55mpg on a long journey.

I've measured them, and not on the instrument panels either, but on filling, using and filling.

The Honda, on mixed driving, uses approx 42mpg. The car is nine years old and has never had a part in it, either. Garry


I don't wave on taxis. They are an arrogant lot. It also really bugs me when the horsey types drive out on the white lines, elbow out the window, phone in the left hand.

They never check the rear-view mirrors. Also Sunday drivers are always a Micra. In my time it used to be a Morris Minor. Jack


I know you have covered the dangers posed by cyclists before. And I know there are new laws that will fine them for breaking the rules.

But, come on now folks. Are we ready to believe that gardai have the time to go chasing two-wheel law breakers when they haven't the time to check out the abuse of mobile phones and those drivers breaking lights every day of the week?

I don't think so. But I do think that cyclists are getting away with a lot.

I drive a small car in a small provincial town and even here, they give the impression they own the road.

There needs to be a whole change of mindset on their behalf before we get equality of treatment for all the people who use out roads. James

(What do you think about that? - let us know)


I have never written to a news outlet before but one area that I am terrified about now that the evenings are beginning to draw in is people alighting from buses in country areas.

I know bus drivers take great care and stop in well-lit areas. It is after they've gone that I fear for the people who have just got off.

They can be disorientated and, in my experience, can dash across the road to a waiting car or to get out of the rain. People need to be very careful when getting off a bus.

There are a few moments needed to adjust to what is going on and to the pace of traffic.

I hope you find a little space to highlight my concerns. Gemma

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