Sunday 25 February 2018

Failed your driving test? Experts say your parents could be to blame

Parents can give the wrong advice to learner drivers.
Parents can give the wrong advice to learner drivers.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Parents could be steering their children to driving-test failure and a life of bad habits behind the wheel, new research suggests.

A new survey found that many parents are giving the wrong advice and, in many cases, have themselves forgotten the basics of the rules of the road.

While the research was conducted in the UK, there is every likelihood the study's finding are applicable here too.

It was commissioned by Young Driver, which claims to be the UK's largest provider of pre-17 driving tuition.

And while it obviously has a vested interest in the subject of driver training, there is every reason to presume the findings reflect a reality on the ground.

The study found that 20pc of parents were not sure if they would pass their own driving test if they had to take it again now.

More than three-quarters (76pc) thought they were up to date with the latest rules and could provide adequate instruction for their children.

However, when asked certain questions, a high proportion were shown to be giving incorrect advice to those they were 'helping' to learn to drive.

Some of their findings include:

* Mirror, signal, manoeuvre: 39pc of parents had forgotten this basic rule.

* 47pc forgot to teach their children about checking blind spots.

* 82pc wouldn't teach the 'push-pull' technique for steering which is favoured by instructors.

* 19pc were adamant that a turn in the road was a failure unless it was completed in three manoeuvres. The authors say: "In fact, the modern (UK) test allows for up to five turns."

* 24pc insisted youngsters did not use parking sensors or cruise control to help with their driving. Instructors say this is wrong advice.

* How do you think YOU would fare if you had to sit your driving test again?

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