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Experts to show what it takes to keep our vehicles on the road


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IN many ways buying a vehicle is the easy part.

It's what comes after that really matters.

Taking a vehicle out for the first time - be it car, van or truck - brings a thrill all of its own.

And most of us don't think about how it will be serviced, maintained or repaired in the years that follow.

This is further complicated by how complex the technology in modern vehicles has become and all the training and equipment needed to keep vehicles roadworthy at all times.

So let's remember, for a moment, those who are involved in keeping the vehicles on our roads in working order.

This weekend lots of them will be at the Citywest Exhibition Centre in west Dublin where the largest auto trade exhibition for all sectors of the Irish auto aftermarket will take place.

There too will be the latest parts, components, tools, equipment and services available to them to keep all our wheels turning.

Technicians, mechanics, skilled tyre centre and bodyshop operatives as well motor factors and all others working in the auto aftermarket supply chain will be attending the Expo on Saturday and Sunday.

They will be joined by parts and aftersales managers, independent workshop and franchise dealer owners looking to learn more about the best and most efficient processes for vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair.

Most of the leading global original equipment suppliers will be there. They will be showing the latest components, equipment and services. They include brands such as Bosch, TRW, Schaeffler, febi Bilsteiin, Texa, Hella, Schrader, and many others.

There will be 17 expert speakers delivering 33 free technical presentations.

The Expo is confined to the auto trade but you can access more details at www.AutoTradeExpo.ie

The organisers - Automotive Publications - also told the Irish Independent that many of the top operators in the aftermarket will be honoured at a special awards ceremony on Sunday night.

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