Saturday 20 January 2018

EVs would 'clog bus lanes'

Woule Electric vehicles being allowed in bus lanes clog the system?
Woule Electric vehicles being allowed in bus lanes clog the system?

Someone somewhere in the powers-that-be in Dublin believes electric vehicles should not be able to legally use bus lanes.

Why? Because they would clutter them up and lead to further congestions.

Whoever it is would do well to take a second look at the figures: there aren't that many electric vehicles on our roads.

Nissan's James McCarthy reckons there would be no more than 50 on the go in bus-lane areas at any one time.

But being able to use a lane is regarded as one way of making electric vehicles more attractive to commuters.

Mr McCarthy says: "There is a sense that bus lanes are over-utilised by taxis and that they are slowing down the flow of buses through the city. So some person in authority seems to think that adding 100 electric vehicles would somehow clog up the system.

"It is ridiculous because there wouldn't be any more than 50 on the go at any one time."

Despite the bus-lane ban, electric vehcile (EV) sales are picking up; Nissan hope to have sold their 1,000th Leaf within the next few weeks. And virtually all of them have been to private buyers - not fleets.

But one measure that would add to the general EV total would be the abolition of benefit-in-kind for fleet users, Mr McCarthy believes.

Should electric vehicles be allowed use bus lanes?

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