Thursday 19 April 2018

European-first Mustang finally takes to Irish roads as the orders keep coming

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

After driving it in Germany, the US and England it was good, at last, to give the Ford Mustang a run on Irish roads.

The first-for-Europe right-hand-drive version costs from €49,000 (it went up another €1,000 this week) for the 2.3-litre EcoBoost Fastback and €65,000 for the 5-litre V8.

You'd expect the latter to be the hands-down winner on drive and performance but, in the real world of getting as much fun as possible from a car on our roads and within legal speeds, I enjoyed the EcoBoost every bit as much.

It is an impressive engine (317PS) and had loads of pulling power.

The larger powerplant (416PS) left us in no doubt about its prowess but just how much of that can you show at a maximum allowable 120kmh?

They already have 100 orders but those coming in at this stage will have to wait a few months.

Between 85pc and 90pc of the orders are for the 2.3-litre, understandably. The Convertible versions are in a tiny minority of demand.

Road tax ranges from €750 to €2,350.

There are manual and automatic versions. I think the manual is better fun.

Ironically, despite time and speed restrictions on Monday, I got more of a kick out of it than I did at a subdued Stow circuit at Silverstone last week where really all we learned was that you can burn the rear tyres in a haze of smoke if you wish to use the on-board technology to do so.

This car needs a big circuit and a long, back straight to show what it can really do.

However, not everyone is going to buy it for that. Some will buy because they can - and want one in their garage.

And I think quite few higher-up execs will buy and use instead of a more conventional mid-size luxury saloon for example.

Either way I think they'll get a bit of a kick from this all-American/partly European big, brawny sports car.

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