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Electric pie; parking idiots; tractor risk; M50 blockers; phone driving


Charging an electric car with the power cable. Stock image

Charging an electric car with the power cable. Stock image

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Charging an electric car with the power cable. Stock image

Our readers get their motoring issues off their chests.


Think it is time all this 'bull' about electric cars was exposed for what it is.

It is all pie in the sky because most people - the ones the media forget about who don't live in the Greater Dublin area - have no use or need of them.

You are a recent convert, I see Eddie, but you fail to acknowledge how restraining it would be for a family in the south or midlands for example to have to charge up every 150km or so.

It would be unworkable. Surely that much is obvious to all?

So don't lose sight of the facts here please.

And you should know better than most all about it, Eddie, on the basis that you are always writing about driving up and down the country.

Michael, Thurles


I know you have written quite a lot about people at the wheel using their mobile phones.

I would appeal to you to re-start highlighting it because in my part of the world, here in north Cork, it is so prevalent that it seems to me that nearly every second driver on the road is on the phone.

Why are these people so stupid?

Surely they realise how dangerous their actions can be?

Marie, Cork


You should warn people about tractors and trailers on the roads and to be on the alert for some crazy drivers who try to overtake.

I have seen some frightening cases of people making awful dangerous moves to overtake when they had no clue about what was coming the other way.

The tractor drivers do their best to pull in where they can, but they still have their businesses to go about too.

The dangerous people travelling behind them are the ones with no patience who can't wait five minutes til the tractors turn off.

Sean, Clonmel


Why do people make such a mess and of where they park?

Do they realise how dangerous it can be to leave a car parked, one set of wheels on a path near a corner with people on the road likely to collide and those on the path having to go out on the road to get by?

It is a disgrace and I see examples of it every day in my home town and in other towns I frequent.

Why don't the gardai do something about it?

I think we need to make example of these people because they are increasing the chance of an accident every time.

Siobhan (address withheld as requested).


I use the M50 around Dublin most days and I am appalled at just how bad some drivers can be.

They are desperately ignorant and dangerous by not moving lanes when and where others come onto the motorway.

They stay on in their inside lane and couldn't give a damn.

By refusing to move over, where safe to do so of course, they are putting other drivers under shocking pressure and increasing the chances of an accident.

And should an accident happen they are the very ones who will slow down and 'rubberneck' to their hearts content.

Driving on a motorway is supposed to be safer than roads with contra-traffic.

Sometimes I wonder.

Do people really think of what is going on around them at all?

Michael, Swords


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