Tuesday 22 October 2019

Eddie Cunningham: 'We need to be told as soon as possible about a VRT overhaul'

Car emissions
Car emissions
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Another potential motoring shock - to add to the recently announced Climate Plan - could be lying in the long grass for us.

And we need to be told about it as soon as possible as it could seriously affect our plans to buy a new car next year if we want a specific genre and model.

Changes to the emission readings of many new cars, under more stringent testing conditions, have prompted the need for Government to tweak VRT bands.

The fear is it won't look a gift horse in the mouth and will use the exercise to raise even more revenue from car owners.

The Government can do so in a few ways. It could, for example, overhaul the entire system. But given that it will have to tweak again next year that is deemed unlikely.

It could set up the intermediate system so that it hurts owners of higher-polluting cars even more than is currently the case.

But it would be better to know now rather than leaving it until Budget day in October.

There is an expectation that we will be told sooner rather than later.

It is the least sellers and buyers deserve.

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