Wednesday 19 June 2019

Eddie Cunningham: This is not an anti-runner rant, but jogging and hogging the road just isn't on

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Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

I'm wondering what gets into the heads of some people when they are out running.

Almost spontaneously they appear to feel the need to hop off paths and onto the road at the most dangerous of junctures.

As you've probably seen every day this summer, there are loads of people out exercising.

More luck to them. I'm thinking of doing the odd jog myself.

But jogging and hogging the road should not be part of their outing.

It is terrifying for a driver to see someone glide off the path onto the road in a split second.

It has happened to me a few times over the past couple of weeks - luckily, I read their body language in advance and was able to avoid them.

Most runners/joggers are excellent and look over their shoulder/check before crossing etc.

But some can be so engrossed in keeping up their pace uninterrupted, or deafened by headphones, and show little regard for their own safety, not to mention that of others.

Pass the word, please, if not guilty and do think about it seriously if you are offending.

By the way, this is not an anti-runner rant by any means.

It's wonderful to see so many people exercising, so don't pelt me with angry emails.

* Watch out. Hyundai want to make cars that are as "sexy" as Alfa Romeos.

According to Hyundai's vice president of design, SangYup Lee, the company is going to move away from the family look in many of its cars.

He says they want to add an "emotional touch".

He wants designs that are just as "sexy" as Alfa Romeo (as reported in the prestigious Automotive News Europe).

The thing is, Hyundai tend to do what they say.

So bring on the sexy i30, Tucson etc.

* Right now there are just three million electric vehicles on the roads across the globe.

But that could rise to a whopping 300 million by 2040 - it's only a little more than 20 years away - according to a new report.

When you put it like that - as GlobalData have in a recent analysis - the scale of change is going to be frightening for consumers and automakers.

The latter are only getting into gear - if that's not a misplaced word in the world of electrics - with large-scale commercial production of EVs by the main manufacturers "unlikely to take off until 2025", the report predicts.

It adds that until then most of the traditional auto industry is in for a hard time with "rising capital expenditure . . . tougher regulations, shrinking margins and unprecedented technological disruption."

Frightening to read too that: "Many car makers will not survive this turmoil."

* Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will expand its line-up significantly over the next few years.

By 2023 there will be huge numbers of variants. And they intend replacing every current model by 2024.

Among the vehicles by 2023 will be the new Defender, the J-Pace SUV and an "Allroad" Range Rover EV.

Meantime, the new Range Rover Evoque is due next year and will come with a plug-in hybrid version.

* Citroën has appointed a new dealership. Citroën South Dublin is operated by dealer principals Paul and Cyril Molloy, and based on the Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham. Best wishes to all.

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