Wednesday 23 October 2019

Eddie Cunningham: 'A little bit of slush and snow for a day or two and we're like ducks in thunder on the roads again'

Shortcuts with Eddie...

Snow on road
Snow on road
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

A little bit of slush and snow for a day or two and we're like ducks in thunder on the roads again - all over the place (pictured).

I know there were clearance shortfalls on some roads with the recent cold/wintry snap, but why do we always seem to find ourselves in trouble if there are even moderate changes to road conditions?

Are we not up to any variations of driving? Do we panic because we don't trust our own ability? I think the latter is at play quite a bit. We rush into decisions or we become trapped in our capacity to do anything out of fear.

Hopefully the worst of the winter is behind us, so we won't have to worry for now, but maybe we should think about how we react to changes.

As experienced drivers, we should be able to cope without so much distress.

Seeing people spinning wheels because they think that's how they're going to get out of a bit of snow is a sure sign that some don't understand the dynamics at play.

Maybe we need more emphasis on coping with such conditions in the course of the driving test?

What do you think generally about our driving?

Let me know your opinion at

* One of the country's largest motor groups is holding a special open evening today at 6.30pm to offer 40 jobs to those interested in a career in the industry.

They are recruiting qualified technicians and what they describe as a "record number of apprentices".

The event today at Joe Duffy BMW, Charlestown, is designed to attract more than 20 qualified technicians and 20 apprentices over the coming months.

The group's development strategy means they are increasing their after-sales capacity across the board. And that includes roles for their new Charlestown-based facilities, Exit 5, M50, north Dublin, Joe Duffy BMW, Volkswagen North, Porsche Centre Dublin (to open in April) and the new Audi Limerick terminal facility.

To meet the growth, the group is expanding its technical team to facilitate the 50pc increase in workshop capacity created by the new dealerships.

Gavin Hydes, group CEO, says they are offering a "industry-leading remuneration and benefits package, an uncapped bonus scheme, state-of-the-art facilities and a structured training and development programme, along with unrivalled career development opportunities".

They are also looking to invest further in their apprenticeship programme, which provides the opportunity to learn and develop skills for up to four years.

To register, call (01) 864 7760 or email

* You can gauge just how big the electric vehicle era revolution is going to be when you read that the German car industry is planning on investing nearly €60bn in it (and automation) over the next three years.

There is the makings of a fierce drive to EVs as all concerned focus on reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

But the costs are astronomical, as the €60bn figure for one country, Germany (albeit the major European transport driver), alone shows.

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