Friday 13 December 2019

Driving 'makes you fat'; long-distance Merc EV; Goodwood boost. Traffic nightmare

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Driving over an hour a day can lead to weight gain.
Driving over an hour a day can lead to weight gain.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Driving for more than an hour a day can make you 2.2 kilos or so heavier than someone who only uses their car for 15 minutes a go.

The researchers say sitting in a car can also add more than 1.5cm of dangerous fat to your waistline, thereby increasing the risk of an early death.

So sitting in a car is different from sitting on the sofa?

Those who only spend 15 minutes behind the wheel can lounge in their living room for hours with no detrimental effects?

Well, not quite.

The aim of the study, I think (and it took me a while to work it out) was to get you on a bike or take public transport (where you likely have to run to catch and then stand), etc.

Study author Professor Takemi Sugiyama, of Australian Catholic University, says the focus for taking public transport is often based on reducing travel times, air pollution and gridlock.

But he claims the impact on a person's health is overlooked.

He says there is a "compelling body of evidence on the adverse health impact of prolonged time spent in cars". That's me gone so.


I know lots of people have doubts about electric cars because of range anxiety but I notice longer and longer intervals emerging between charges as technology permits.

Now Mercedes is to unveil a long-distance electric car at the Paris auto show in the autumn - to compete with Tesla's Model X SUV.

It will show a prototype capable of 500km (310 miles).

Mercedes say the structure is ready and they've had several road tests.

Expect to see it before 2020.

Audi and Porsche are already working on long-distance electric cars after previously showing prototypes. BMW is working on one too.


The Goodwood Festival of Speed (later this month) is certainly growing in stature. The event will mark some big-name European, UK and world debuts.

Already the list of cars includes the McLaren 570S Sprint, Porsche 911 R, Ferrari 488 Spider and Tesla Model X.

Love to be there but other duties call.


We think we have traffic bad in some of our towns and cities in Ireland. Merciful God, I've just spent 90 minutes on a route in Paris and it was an eye-opener. It was a big lesson for me and a stark glimpse of a future I'd rather not see.

To put it mildly: it was chaos.


Interesting 'estimate figures' on diesel sales in the US last year - before during and after the emissions scandal.

According to a Diesel Technology Forum analysis of the latest Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data compiled by IHS Automotive show the US added more than 300,000 new diesel vehicles last year.

The state of California led the way with a 15.4pc increase in the number of diesel cars and SUVs bought throughout the year.

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