Tuesday 17 September 2019

Don't be clueless about keyless; 'driving you mad'; KIA's new EV; Volvo and Google

Kia Niro
Kia Niro

We've had a good few people on asking what they should do in light of the danger to their vehicles posed by criminals trying to steal their code and car.

We thought the following succinct summary from Thatcham Research experts might be of some help.

1. Understand the digital functions of your car: do you have a keyless entry system? If so, can the fob be switched off overnight? Speak to your dealer about software updates and whether new key fobs with added security are available

2. Store keys away from household entry points: a keyless fob should be stored as far into your home as is possible, hampering a criminal's ability to detect and relay its signal

3. Make sure shielding devices work: Faraday pouches and containers will block the signal from a keyless entry fob - but test this yourself to make sure it is effective

4. Be vigilant: choose well-lit areas to park in, observe that your car has locked correctly and report any suspicious behaviour to the gardai.

* One of the best replies we got to last week's report on the 'maddening' traits of drivers and passengers was: "When I am driving and husband is my passenger if another driver does something wrong/stupid/etc, he reaches across and blows on the horn - sometimes before I can even react."

* So Elan Musk gets ahead of himself again; he plans to launch a small Model Y crossover in early 2020.

Even as they struggle to meet targets on their new Model 3. Meanwhile losses grew in the first quarter of the year. Ever the optimist is Mr Musk - despite losing another $785m during that first quarter.

* KIA's recently revealed electric Niro (pictured) is due here around the end of the year or early January, I'm told.

Powered by Kia's next-generation electric vehicle powertrain, it has a high-capacity 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack and a claimed range of more than 450km on a single charge with zero emissions.

If shorter trips are your thing there is a 300km-range version with an optional 39.2 kWh battery system.

* Volvo is working with Google to embed the voice-controlled Google Assistant, Google Play Store, Google Maps and other Google services into its next-generation Sensus infotainment system. Voice control is the future as far as I'm concerned. Virtually banishes distraction which is the cause of many an accident, studies have shown.

* The UK government is to ban non-electric cars. After 2040, motorists will not be able to buy a new car that can't travel at least 80kms on electric power, according to a radical new plan.

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