Saturday 24 February 2018

Disabled parking: Five things to think about before stealing a slot

Think twice before you park in a disabled space.
Think twice before you park in a disabled space.

Here are five points a reader makes after a Motoring Review comment on how some people abuse disabled parking spaces.

It might help keep a parking bay free for someone who really needs it.

1. Reality. Applying for a Disabled Parking permit is upsetting for the applicant.

The blue Disabled Parking permit shows the world people need assistance in life.

Able-bodied people who park in Disabled Parking bays do not have any badge to display.

2. 'I'm only here for a few minutes." A disabled person is not disabled for a few minutes.

3. Stress. You plan your day to do things, knowing you have to park - or be the parker. Then you see an able-bodied person knowingly and illegally parked in your-blue painted bay.

4. Helplessness. The signs are well posted but ignored. Who do you call? If you are a disabled driver, you would have to park elsewhere and go into the store - using a stick or wheelchair, to complain. By which time the able-bodied culprit has come and gone.

5. Disrespect. Disability comes at any age - some are born with it - but like everyone else, disabled people do the best they can with what they have. Just because a person has a disability and has a blue Disabled Parking permit does not make them unintelligent.

A little kindness, patience and understanding would go a long way - on an off the road.

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