Wednesday 24 April 2019

Dear Eddie: We whinge about drivers using their phones but we do nothing about it

Stock Image: PA
Stock Image: PA

Eddie, It is great that people can air their views here. But here's one you might not feel like publishing - I think it's time that diesel and petrol were treated the same for tax purposes.

Diesel gets a big advantage on excise duty - nearly 10c/litre - because it is used by so many people and business.

It's time we decided to make a level-playing field here. I suppose you suspect I am from an urban area and don't require diesel.

That is not the case. I live in an urban environment in a large mid-western town. I don't want to impose any burdens on people but I think fair is fair.

I think it's time we all pay the same rate of excise for what we put into our cars.

Print this and be dammed by many or don't print it and be dammed by a few of us.

James, Tipperary


I read you every week and you are often giving out about people driving while talking on the phone.

Like you, I've seen some frightening examples this year.

But, like you and everyone else, I never do anything about it.

I bet none of us has ever gone to the trouble of either remonstrating with the person in question or taking their number and telling the guards.

Why? It's obvious. Because we don't want to get involved. We really could not be bothered.

Until we are really bothered we'll whinge and blame the guards for not catching more people.

Noreen, Waterford


I was crossing the street in Tullamore recently. The green light was in my favour but a cyclist went through a red light as I used the pedestrian crossing.

Cyclists go on about rights but what about obeying traffic signals?

Joe, Tullamore


I'm watching people drive for a while now and I think younger people are better drivers than your generation.

They are far more courteous and aware.

I see lots of what we'll call mature people at the wheel driving like they own the road.

I know someone will say the statistics show young people are involved in a lot more accidents but I want to make the point that there are a lot of poor older drivers on our roads.

Celine, Dublin


I used to give my servicing custom to a local dealership. Not any more.

The price has gone through the roof. I can get every bit as good a job done with a local mechanic - for half the price. Why shouldn't I?

I don't believe I am doing anything wrong and I pay a fair sum.

I think dealers need to realise they are pricing themselves out of the market.

Brian, Galway

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