Tuesday 20 March 2018

Clueless on symbols; danger indicators; test stress; Toyota Olympics; Merc recall

Shortcuts with Eddie

Using mobile while driving
Using mobile while driving
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Most people (90pc) haven't a clue what at least one, potentially vital, symbol means on their instrument panels, a study claims.

The UK survey of 2,000 drivers found 30pc didn't recognise the headlamp indicator icon while 27pc couldn't identify the 'check engine' sign.

Even when people recognise the warning signs, most can't manage without help; 66pc could not check the oil, just under half were unable change a tyre while replacing the windscreen wipers would stump 44pc.

How do you think you'd fare?

* I'm not even mildly surprised by another survey which highlighted how so many people are upset at the failure of others to indicate. People just pull out without giving the slightest hint of their attention to do so.

A recent survey from easytrip, the electronic parking and tolling tag provider, found 62pc get most annoyed when others fail to use their indicators on motorways.

Other irritating practices which registered heavily with drivers were:

* Driving too slow in the fast lane (59pc)

* Tailgating (56pc)

* Using mobile phone while driving (55pc)

* Throwing rubbish out the window (43pc)

* Changing lanes too frequently (42pc)

* Not merging correctly onto the motorway (40pc)

* Not driving up to toll plazas correctly (15pc)

* Fingers crossed for all those getting their Leaving results but I bet you never thought you'd read that experts say many young drivers feel 'equal or greater anxiety' about driving tests than they do about their state exams.

The survey of 1,800 young motorists by Marmalade says: "Driving tests cause just as much anxiety as academic exams."

I wonder about that. I really do. But the research shows 50pc of those who took part fell into that category.

A spokesman for Marmalade (which claims to 'champion' young people's driving and insurance) says: "Unlike academic exams, this stress won't end with the test, as many young drivers continue to feel anxious behind the wheel after they have passed."

*Best of luck to Conlans with their new Jaguar Land Rover premises in Naas. It looks wonderful.

* Mercedes here tell us that work will start later in the month on fitting a fuse to the starting current limiter on certain models.

The company says: "The recall action will protect the starter circuit from overheating in the event of repeated starting attempts when an engine has sustained external water ingress damage (hydro locking/flood damage)."

No cars sold here have been affected but 1,376 are being fitted with the new limiter as a precautionary measure free of charge.

* Toyota will 'showcase' its next generation autonomous technology at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Reports say the brand plans to show the world its current driverless technology - and stuff they're keeping under wraps until then.

They will start to introduce the technologies in Toyota and Lexus models quite early in the 2020s, reports claim.

* Watch out for a new version of the Mercedes' Vision concept this weekend.

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