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Clean up before charging EV or filling tank - and check tyres


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Owners of cars that require an electric charge - be they "pure" EV or plug-in hybrid - need to be especially careful to make sure they sanitise extensively if using a public station.

You have to assume the worst: that the previous user was not as conscientious as you when handling cables, etc.

I've been charging on-street a few times over the past while and there is no doubt it takes a bit of time to make sure everything you touch is clean in the strictest sense of the word.

But for sheer peace of mind, being fastidious and extensively wiping and/or spraying is essential.

Not to mention leaving the station as safe as possible for the next user.

The same attention to detail needs to apply when fossil fuelling and checking tyres. Speaking of tyres: it is extremely important you do check them and not think they're ok because you haven't driven much.

Sitting idle can do strange things to tyres, especially with the hot weather we've had. So check them not only for air pressure but smaller cracks and crevices too. And sanitise.

Indo Motoring