Sunday 18 March 2018

Check to see if you have spare tyre; And watch where you park

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Remember to check if you have a spare tyre.
Remember to check if you have a spare tyre.

Our readers' opinions on no spare wheel in a car to dangerous parking habits.


I have just discovered that my car does not have a spare wheel. You have written on this before, but I suppose like everything else, we tell ourselves we will check and then we forget. It was a horrible feeling that night last week when I found out that I didn't have a spare after the front tyre went flat.

I am a 57-year-old woman and I had no idea where to start to get the stuff out of the boot, never mind try to inflate the tyre.

My car is only two years old and this is the first puncture that I have had in many years. I suppose it could have been worse because the tyre went flat on the outskirts of the town and there was some street lighting. I would hate to think what it would be like if I was two or three miles out the road to home.

Eventually, I called the road-side assistance people. I waited in my car until they came but I felt quite vulnerable. No one stopped or offered to help and I am not sure I would want them to unless I knew them.

The following day I went to the garage where I bought the car and I demanded a full-size spare wheel. They didn't have one but said they would organise to get me one. It will cost me €150 I think.

I am writing to you, Eddie, because I don't think enough people know about the lack of spare wheels and the fright you can get when you realise you don't have one.

Anne, Tipperary


Will you please tell people to be careful where they are parking their cars? I know they have to park on paths and on kerbs to keep in a bit from the road and leave space for other cars to pass safely.

But there is danger because of the way some of them park: on corners and close to junctions.

I think there is a law that says they could be done for contributing to a hazard if there is an accident.

Roads in housing estates can't cope with the volume of cars that need to be parked. A lot of houses have small driveways and can only take one car. That means there is at least one car, many times there are two, to be parked for a majority of the houses.

That is why people are being forced to park in all sorts of dangerous places. I hope you can publish this and raise the awareness of how important it is to park safely as well as drive safely.

Gabriel, Roscommon


Please end the envy nightmare for some of us by not writing about big posh cars. How about a Corolla or Civic review?

James, Dublin

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