Charger challenges: Why we need to pay attention to how we park our cars at EV points

As more and more people drive EVs, there will be increased demand for limited space. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto© Getty Images/iStockphoto

Eddie Cunningham

I know there is an overstay charge to reduce the abuse of hogging a charging point. It is welcome and has had a big beneficial effect.

And I know people abide by the rules as best they can. But sometimes they forget how easy it is to create difficulty for other users.

It can happen that some users of EV charging points often block others due to the way they are parked – more precisely how they angle their vehicle.

All it takes is for one person in a hurry to park half sideways or invade a neighbouring slot even by a relatively small amount to start the domino effect.

It can mean that you end up not being able to access the slot to properly reach the desired charging option. I’ve seen instances of it a few times.

It just made aligning with the charging station more difficult.

As more and more people drive an EV, there will be increased demand for limited space. Just take care that you are not encroaching.