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Charge point for electric cars now every 60km, says ESB


BMW's electric i3

BMW's electric i3

BMW's electric i3

WE now have 1,200 public charging points for electric cars all over the island – and a fast charger, on average, every 60km on our main roads.

The announcement of the major infrastructure milestone may go some way towards alleviating 'range anxiety' – fear of not having enough charge on a long journey – which has deterred people from buying electric cars.

The ESB says it has just completed installing fast chargers across the country as well as 10 AC chargers at Iarnród Éireann sites. All big towns and cities have electric vehicle chargers.

ESB's head of innovation, John McSweeney, said: "It is expected that the nationwide network of charge points will encourage people to go electric in the near future."

He said an electric car costs just two cents a kilometre to fuel and motorists could save €2,300 a year in running costs.

Electric-car buyers also get incentives worth €10,000 in grants and VRT rebates. But official figures show just 125 electric cars were bought in the first six months of this year.

It is an improvement on the 36 for the corresponding period in 2013 but falls well short of the Government's target that 10pc of all cars will run on electricity by 2020.

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