Tuesday 24 October 2017

Boost for motorists as petrol prices set to drop

Getting the most from your car?
Getting the most from your car?
Bob Flavin

Bob Flavin

Motorist could see petrol prices fall below €1.50 per litre in the coming weeks.

Hard pressed motorists in Ireland could receive a good boost over the coming weeks as the prices of petrol and diesel are on course to drop by 4c per litre.

A barrel of crude oil now costs in the region of $102 and the industry is expecting a prices drop of up to 10c which would bring petrol prices down to a three-year low.

Prices at the pumps have hardly moved over the last 12 months and the current average price in Ireland is €1.56. This drop could mean prices at the pumps would be sub €1.50.

Other factors affecting the price of fuel include exchange rates and conflict in oil suppling countries such as Libya or Iraq.

Competition is also a factor as people shop around for the best prices.

Meanwhile. here are some fuel saving tips:

Save weight

This doesn't mean make the kids walk to school. You really need to clear out the golf clubs that you don't use from the boot and anything else that isn't in use.

Drive smooth

Driving style is THE biggest factor, if you are always at top speed you'll drink fuel. If you drive smoothly you'll find that you use a lot less.

Constant speed

Stop-start traffic always uses more fuel. Always stay smooth and try to remain at a steady speed.


Most small engined cars struggle at motorway speeds, the big engines win here. All cars are more fuel efficient driving at 100kph than at 120kph. Slow down is the answer here, drive at 110kph and keep smooth.

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