Monday 27 January 2020

BMW to tempt Irish owners of old diesels with €2,000 deal

Temptin: BMW i3
Temptin: BMW i3
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

BMW in Ireland will today announce a €2,000 green bonus deal to tempt owners out of older diesel cars.

The development follows Germany's earlier decision to do so. And it comes as automakers are vying to be seen to play a bigger role in lowering the level of harmful NOx from diesel engines.

It is reported, for example, that Volkswagen in Germany will knock €5,000 off the price of new Golfs for buyers who trade in an older diesel.

A spokesman for Volkswagen here said they were not aware of such a development for the Irish market as yet.

Details of the BMW deal for Irish owners will be expanded on today.

However, it is understood that initially, until December 31 this year, owners of diesel cars of any make that only meet Euro 4 emissions standards or lower (current new-car levels are Euro6) will be offered an environment bonus of up to €2,000 when they trade in their vehicle and buy a new BMW or MINI.

The exact amount of the bonus will depend on the model bought, Independent Motors understands.

And it will be made clear that the deal will apply only where the replacement is either a BMW i3 electric car, a plug-in hybrid, or a Euro 6-standard car that has CO2 emissions of 130g/km at most.

As usual, criteria, terms and conditions will apply.

Critics will no doubt point to it being a relatively small sum, considering the purchase price of a new BMW.

They would also argue that much of the €2,000 can easily be absorbed in the multi-faceted process of trade-in value and new-car discount.

However, it will still be regarded as a gesture of some stature towards dealing with the controversy surrounding the diesel debate.

The UK is also following Germany's example in offering BMW incentives to attract drivers of older diesels into buying cleaner models.

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