Friday 13 December 2019

Big shake-up coming in the pick-up market

Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara

Padraic Deane

The competition in the pick­up sector has intensified.

There are new arrivals from Mitsubishi (L200) and Nissan (Navara), with more on the way from Ford (Ranger) as well as from Toyota (eight­generation Hi­Lux).

Other pick­up models available here right now include the VW Amarok, Isuzu DMax, Land Rover Defender, and the Chinese built Great Wall Steed.

New entrants being planned include:

* One from Fiat based on Jeep's expertise in the 4x4 sector.

* Renault will have a first time offering based on the latest Nissan's Navara.

* Eventually Mercedes­Benz will have its much talked about new pick­up. These will provide the most interesting expansion and shake­-up the pick­up market that we have ever seen.

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