Thursday 26 April 2018

'Beware the bargain'; singing at the wheel; 'I don't like those PCPs'

Singing parents was identified as a pet hate of children
Singing parents was identified as a pet hate of children

Readers come out in favour of parents singing in cars while another stresses the importance of getting a service history for you car.


I have just bought a new car - 152 registration. I am happy with it but I have a concern.

The garage I bought it from, I have dealt with for years, but this time they were inclined to push one of those PCP deals on me. I took a long time to think about it but I like the idea of owning my own car and not leasing it. Maybe I am old fashioned. These PCPs (Personal Contract Plans, they are called) are a big part of the business now as you, Eddie, have written many times.

I would, however, urge people to be cautious. They don't own the car and could end up with nothing at the end of three years.

I ended up borrowing what I needed from my local credit union and I now drive around proudly in my car. Repeat my car. Gerard


I have had a lot of trouble with my car. It is too late now for me but I would like you to highlight how important it is for people to get a service history.

I feel a right fool for believing the guff and sales pitch of the man who sold me my bargain. It's costing me a fortune. May I, through your excellent supplement, warn people to beware. There is no such thing as a bargain. Michael


Last week you ran a piece about children dreading their parents singing in the car.

I would have thought that was a lovely thing to experience: a happy parent in a family environment. Children are spoilt, these days, they really are.

The only children I feel sorry for are those who have to endure the cancerous smoke from cigarettes. I see the odd parent puffing away with children in the car. It is a disgrace. Why don't you do something about that rather than highlighting an innocent bit of levity by parents? Margaret


My father used to sing his heart out on journeys. And we got to learn a lot of old songs from his era. He was a lovely singer and we would pass the time on the long journey to Kerry by singing until we'd tire and fall off asleep. Sheila

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