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Benefit from my misfortune and be prepared for the unexpected


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I had the misfortune of suffering a puncture at a most awkward juncture when down home recently. It came as a shock to the system.

So much so I feel compelled to urge you to check that you'd know what to do if you are faced with something similar.

That is especially the case if your roadside assistance plan does not cover changing or fitting a spare wheel (as applied in my instance).

Luckily, I was driving a Peugeot (2008 SUV, 1.5-litre diesel) which meant there was a skinny spare in the boot (80kmh max speed).

I don't know what I'd do if I had to use the gooey stuff supplied with many cars these days. But I should. That is the point of this: to know what to do instead of getting panicky when it's too late (like me).

Especially when I realised I couldn't manage the simple deed of getting the wheel nut covers off so I could loosen the nuts themselves. Luckily the observant brother (cousin, nephews came to my rescue too) noticed the little yellow pincers that slid the covers off so easily that I felt ashamed.

Family is a wonderful asset. We changed the wheel while observing safe-distance protocol. But what if they had not been so near?

I thought I'd pass on the suggestion of doing a run-through of things to get/keep yourself mobile - be it a wheel-change or similar let-down.

Could you jump start your car? Don't leave finding out until you are stuck. Find the bits and pieces you need and how to use them. Now. You can never be too well prepared.

We have more time on our hands so preparing could save you anxiety and hardship when you least need things to go wrong. And by the way... thanks lads.

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