Sunday 8 December 2019

Audi shines a light into the future with new TT coupe

SPACE-AGE: the new Audi TT coupe has a cockpit to conjure with
SPACE-AGE: the new Audi TT coupe has a cockpit to conjure with

Martin Brennan

Lights that will not blind oncoming drivers but let you see perfectly, a space-age cockpit that you talk to and a hybrid that will do 190mpg.

This is  the future of motoring as Audi engineers see it.

Audi is the leader in the premium car sales here and is determined to stay in pole position for the coming year, with new and upgraded models coming on stream. The new lighting technology, called the Matrix, is in the A7 and also available in the TT coupe. It uses 25 bulbs in each light and, with the aid of a camera monitoring the road ahead, it is possible to drive on full beam without dazzling oncoming traffic as the system selectively chooses where the lights should shine at their brightest. This is a major safety feature, which hopefully will see its way into other vehicles.

Amazing fuel economy is the feature of the new A3 e-tron, a plug-in hybrid, which can travel 50kms on a charge but when combined with an on-board 1.4TSI petrol engine has a range of over 900kms. Audi says that the combination of power sources means C02 emissions are cut to 38g/km and economy rises to 1.5L/100kms (185 mpg).

The hybrid is based on the A3 Sportback and can be charged on a normal domestic plug in under four hours, with a quick charge on a more powerful outlet in just over two hours. New lightweight construction is used and on electric power it takes under five seconds to reach 100kms. This five-door has space for five adults and comes in at just under €40,000.

Space-age technology comes to the new TT coupe, with a virtual instrument display on the dash allowing the driver to select details on speed, phone connections, music files, and a number of other infotainment features. 


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