Friday 18 January 2019

At last: Honda Civic saloon arriving here by end of July

Honda's Civic saloon
Honda's Civic saloon
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

It's a car quite a few people will be delighted to know is on its way to Irish forecourts. Honda's Civic saloon has been confirmed as a late July arrival, so you will be able to get it in 182-reg plates.

I think it is a better looking and more substantial car than the hatch.

Initially, they weren't planning on selling it here, but thankfully they've changed their minds.

I just wonder, as it is such a lovely looking mid-size saloon, might it be something to give some people second thoughts about buying an SUV?

It will have a 1-litre turbo petrol and continuously variable transmission as well as a manual gearbox. And the version with the newly overhauled 1.6-litre diesel offers the chance to try the 9spd automatic transmission.

Incidentally, the current 5dr 1.6 diesel hatchback will also benefit from that 9spd automatic in time for 182-reg.

Prices for the saloon are expected to be announced nearer the Irish arrival date. The current entry-level price for the hatch is €23,750.

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