Wednesday 21 February 2018

Anger over tolls - but how much are you spending every week?

We've had several emails on toll charges these past couple of weeks (see below). You might care to tell us how much you are spending on tolls each week.

We will NOT use your name or address without your explicit permission - have no worries on that front.


I know there isn't much we can do any more about tolls but they certainly add up.

I know we have a good road network now and no one wants a return to the bad old days but tolls can certainly put a dent in your pocket if you are a regular user.

Is there not some way they can bring in a 'loyalty' card or something that would take some of the sting out of paying tolls day in and day out?



I see drivers every day breaking the speed limit, not indicating when moving lanes or making a turn off. There is no Garda presence on the roads that I can see.

The latest craze is driving with fog lights on day and night. Some are driving at night with parking lights and fog lights on.

Now I see old cars fitted with xenon lights which are blinding to oncoming motorists.

Again there is no enforcement on our roads.

This is the problem but nothing is being done.



I see now that there are warnings that fuel prices are in danger of going back up.

Your letter writer of last week was correct. They are always slow to come down but extremely quick to go back up again.

Please keep up the pressure so that we motorists might get a little bit of a reprieve for a while longer.

Running a car is so expensive these days.

And the cost of tolls is something that is overlooked. Why don't you highlight that heavy daily cost in your supplement?



Please tell people to be careful of the oil they use in their cars.

I don't think they realise how important it is to use the proper stuff because engines these days are so finely tuned and rely on everything being proper.

You can do a lot of damage with the wrong oil.



Why do people take such a risk in overtaking slower lorries, for example, or in many cases down the country, tractors with trailers?

It really is a gamble with death. Do people not realise the awful chances they are taking?


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