Monday 11 December 2017

180,000 owners could gain from early NCT test

If you get your car tested before its 10th birthday, you can get a two-year NCT cert
If you get your car tested before its 10th birthday, you can get a two-year NCT cert
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Around 180,000 cars are due their 10th anniversary NCT next year as their owners have the opportunity to get a final two-year cert.

Lots of owners have been on to Motors about last week's piece which advised them to book a test as soon as possible so they can get a two-year, as opposed to one-year, NCT cert.

The critical thing for those cars approaching their 10th birthday is to get them to the test centre well in advance of the critical date.

You have to have booked and taken a test 90 days in advance of the 'birthday' to benefit.

If you do so, you will get a cert for two years instead of one. As you know, cars of 10 years and older have to be tested every year as opposed to every two for younger models.

So, by arranging to test 90 days before the 10th anniversary of registration you benefit from the two-year cert one last time.

It could mean a decent saving on test and re-test fees as well as the bother of having to pay two NCT visits where one would have been sufficient.

The NCT fee for a full test is €55 and a re-test costs €28.

Going this month or next should also mean it will easier to book a test rather than in the busy first quarter of the new year.

In preparing for the NCT - regardless of age - the evergreen reasons for failure remain.

So pay particular heed to the following areas and items:

1. Front suspension

2. Tyre condition

3. Incorrectly focused headlamps

4. Brake lines and hoses

5. Brake lights

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