Sunday 17 December 2017

Video: The BMW X6 M is a ballistic missile on the track says Bob Flavin

Bob Flavin

Bob Flavin

BMW have brought out a 575bhp SUV and let us loose on a Formula One track. Think about that for a minute, an SUV that's going around a race track at race speeds. This is a car that can go off road, tow a caravan or bring the family on a day out, yet it can set a decent lap time! We thought that Bob should go to Texas and test this speed on the track so watch the video and let us know what you think.


There's nothing like taking a car on a race track, you can drive both to your limits and the cars. If you're very brave you can take a BMW M division car to it's limits and beyond, I say brave because you need to be a little mad as well.

BMW have poured everything into this X6 M, there's a 4.4ltr twin turbo charged V8, pumping out 575bhp through a four-wheel-drive system that's got more grip than a house fly. It remains flat and level through the toughest corners, it may sound like madness but this SUV will beat most everything else around the track.

The exterior is made to sell, it's hard to get excited about it because it's not a full featured as it should be. The M version is lower by some 10mm and there's 20 inch alloys to make it seem much more aggressive. While I liked the look, in other colours it might just blend in with other BMW cars.

The interior is another story, it's perfect. There isn't a thing that I'd change, it's comfortable, big and yet holds you firmly when the going gets tough.


Behind the wheel is where you'll get the biggest shock, to take an SUV to a modern Formula One track and then let us drive it at full speed shows the confidence BMW have in their car. I did my best to try upsetting the four wheel drive system but I couldn't really trouble it, the harder I went the more it gripped. Even though the tighter sections of the track there was little body roll to speak of, if anything I just wasn't driving fast enough.

As with all the M cars there's many settings you can get into, from all out M mode to comfort setting there's something in there to keep you happy no matter where you take it. Even out on the road there's a very comfortable cabin and setting it to Comfort mode means miles will just pass without you noticing.

The buyers of the X6 M won't really be hitting the track quite as hard as I did but for the school run you'll get kudos outside the gates. It's not as mad as the M3 or indeed the M4 but as a daily drive I'd rather have the X6 M any day.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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