Saturday 24 August 2019

This Ferrari has got the 'J' Factor - Automaker announces special new edition and limits sales to a mere 10 cars

The stunning looking Ferrari J50
The stunning looking Ferrari J50
Each Ferrari J50 will be individually crafted and decked
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Theyare only making 10, yes 10, of these Ferrari J50s.

And even if you could afford it, the famous marque will only allow one of its "loyal" current Ferrari owners to buy a 'J'.

The stunning-looking car has just been revealed in Tokyo to mark 50 years in the Japanese market (which, I presume, explains the 'J').

In doing so, it is bringing back the idea of the Targa-roof style they had on cars in the 1970s and 1980s.

Power comes from the same 3.9-litre V8 that propels the 488 Spider.

But this new J50 has been tweaked to push out a whopping 690bhp.

Incidentally, that V8 powerplant won the overall International Engine of the Year Award this year.

As of now they are not giving anything away on price (if you have to ask . . .) or performance figures for that matter.

Only 10 will be made - and each one will be individually crafted and decked out to accommodate the tastes of the lucky customers.

Based on the 488 Spider, the new car has been given special treatment by the company's Special Projects department. For example, they have lowered the bonnet.

And they have added two carbon fibre air channels which, people tell me, echoes the F50.

The two-piece carbon fibre Targa roof is stored behind the seats.

They also say that the rear has been inspired by "jet engine afterburners" - with the result being four tail lamps and a rear diffuser.

The 20ins forged alloys have been designed purely for this car.

Ferrari say the bodywork is all new and heralds a radical futuristic design.

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