Saturday 17 February 2018

Ride, Sally, Ride ... the Mustang is here to put a smile on your face

An emotional not a practical decision: The Ford Mustang arrives in Ireland. Photo: John Sheehan Photography
An emotional not a practical decision: The Ford Mustang arrives in Ireland. Photo: John Sheehan Photography

Martin Brennan

Facing a mid-life crisis? Tempted to take a mistress and have an extra-marital affair? Rein in your emotions, there is now an alternative love affair available that is bound to inflame passions. Think Mustang - and call her Sally if you wish.

An extra-marital affair can be costly in more ways than one and often ends in tears. "Buy a Mustang, it is a lot less costly, a lot less trouble - and she will put a smile on your face for years to come."

Sounds like good advice from a guest at the launch of the first right-hand drive Ford muscle car in horsey country Co Kildare last week. And the truth is the Mustang WILL put a smile on your face - even if it will cost from a minimum of €49,000, up to dizzy €65,000.

It is fun to drive, obedient in most ways and your new possession is likely to become a lifelong partnership. Buying a Mustang is an emotional decision, not a practical one, a long-term love affair and not many are expected come to the second-hand market. Male drivers are the predominant purchasers but one man in Cork, intent on keeping his first love happy, has ordered two - one for the missus, and St Valentines Day is still a week away. A Donegal man has driven all around Ireland since he took delivery. Nothing like showing off your new toy.

Beloved of Hollywood film directors, it is best remembered driven by Steve McQueen in Bullitt, and two James Bond appearances among others. It does attract admiring glances. Owners love this, particularly the envious stares, and to emphasis their presence on the road the high-revving exhaust burbles are real head turners. Not surprisingly, bright reds and yellow were among the launch colours.

Now the recession is over and PCP agreements are flying high, Ford will have no difficulty in shifting their 100 allocation for this year, even if Mustang does not stack up against less over-the-top European executive marques in terms of driver refinement for the same money. Already 27 models have been sold, most owners going for the 2.3 litre EcoBoost version; but there is the more gutsy 5-litre version.

Money does not count for much at this level of purchase but road tax here is €2,300 (€750 for the EcoBoost) and the big-engined brute returned 14.2L/100km during spirited tests by journalists, with the EcoBoost coming in at a more modest 7.4L/100km.

Mustang gets it name from the Spanish-Mexican word Mestengo - a wild animal that strays.

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