Saturday 20 January 2018

By George (Clooney), women really know what they want in a car

The Ford Kuga Titanium S would be Deirdre Keating's ideal car.
The Ford Kuga Titanium S would be Deirdre Keating's ideal car.

Deirdre Keating, sales, receptionist and PR administrator with Rialto Ford provides some insider motoring knowledge and also confirms what her ideal car would be, if money was no object.

What's your background?

I worked in administration in Superquinn for seven years before becoming a full-time mother for the following 11 years. I joined Rialto Ford 17 years ago and they have honestly been the happiest of my working life. The dealership has been open since 1986 and employs 22.

What is good about your job?

I have to say I enjoy every aspect of it and no two days are the same. I particularly love the personal contact with our customers. We have been here so long that original customers are now bringing their grown children in to buy vehicles and even third-generation family members are appearing.

What are the two most frequently asked questions when a man is buying a new car and when a woman is buying a new car?

The men ask about performance and efficiency while women tend to be keener to know about safety and reliability.

Do men and women differ in their attitude to having their car serviced?

Men, and sorry if I offend some of you, tend to want to cut corners on the work to save money. Women tend to want to get the job done properly first time to avoid having to return at a later stage.

What usually clinches a deal?

Primarily good service from the moment a customer enters the dealership as well as a combination of price, trade-in value, specification and running costs.

What's the most unusual reason for a customer visiting your service department?

There have been quite a few but one of the funniest was for indicators ticking too loud. We also had a nun who came in complaining about a screeching fan belt. On examination the mechanic found a poor unfortunate cat that had obviously climbed up under the engine -- probably drawn to the heat -- and had become trapped.

If you could work in another industry what would it be?

Racing driver.

If you had a limitless budget what would be your dream car?

The new Kuga Titanium S model in ice white with all the goodies to drive along the Amalfi Coast with George Clooney in the passenger seat.

In the Business

NAME: Deirdre Keating

TITLE: Sales receptionist and PR administrator

FAMILY: Married to Bill for 29 years. Sons, Garret 27 and twins Eoghan and Liam, 22.

HOBBIES: I love to cook and dance - sometimes at the same time.

CAR: Ford Fiesta 2011

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