Wednesday 22 November 2017

Buyers warned to keep an eye on the clock

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

MORE warnings this week for potential buyers to be on the lookout for cars that have had their mileage adjusted.

We had quite a response here to our revelation that more than one-in-10 cars sold here has been 'clocked'.

That was according to an analysis by vehicle history check experts Vehicle information experts, HPI, are again highlighting that the risks from buying a clocked car.

Its consumer services manager Nicola Johnson says clocking hides the fact that the car is likely to have done considerably more miles than the driver realises.

She says: "If vital components are excessively worn and/or not replaced as recommended by the manufacturer, that vehicle could be a real danger to the driver and other road users."

Vehicle inspection experts at the RAC echo this. "With use comes wear, and therefore higher mileages are a likely indication of when maintenance costs could start to rise," Michael Hill says.

The big danger is that the car may look fine but underneath it may be a disaster waiting to happen. For example, if the false mileage suggests you don't need a service for some time, you could find yourself with a timing belt going – and that could cause engine failure.

Even if you notice things in time, it could still cost a fortune to make the car safe and in good condition.

Beware anything that raises even the slightest suspicion. As ever, if there is a doubt in your mind, then the chances are you are right in your gut feeling and should walk away.

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