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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Buyers shun local dealers as 73pc 'go private'

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

NEARLY three-in-four used cars sold this year were bought from a 'private' buyer.

New figures from car history experts show that 40,995 used cars were sold to a new owner last month. And of these, 73pc took place in the private market.

Motorcheck says: "They were not officially recorded as being sold by a car dealer."

The figures suggest a trend that most buyers are happy to purchase privately and not go near their local dealer.

The used car market is much more active than the new sector. For example, there were twice as many secondhands bought so far this year. It is expected that this number will increase substantially over the coming months. co-founder Shane Teskey says: "While the first quarter of the year is important for new car sales we can't forget the significance of the used car market for the Irish motorist."

Significantly, the shortage of used cars here means the number of secondhand imports from the UK is expected to rise. (See our main story on this page).

Buyers are urged to beware the pitfalls of buying from the private sector.

Mr Teskey also says his company is aware of "a significant number of insurance write-off's entering the Irish market from the UK."

These cars are normally sold 'as seen' which makes it difficult to rectify later when former trouble is uncovered.

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