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Big squeeze; new Zoe van; Mazda CX-3 upgrade

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Zoe van

Zoe van

Zoe van

Most new cars are bigger than their predecessors. It's routine to hear them described as being longer, taller and wider.

It's the wider bit that worries me. Because to my uneducated eye there is less room for them on our roads, especially where  cycle paths adjoin.

Driving a large 4x4/SUV/crossover in suburbia can easily mean invading someone else's territory. 

The same can be true if you're driving a large saloon.

The Big Squeeze is on, no doubt about it.

And whatever about having a more confined space in which to operate, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of other users. It means driving more slowly first and foremost. 

* RENAULT has just rolled out its new Zoe van (pictured below) which it claims is capable of travelling up to 395km on a single charge.

It uses the same 52kWh battery pack and 80kW R110 electric motor as the Zoe super-mini.

It will come in Business and Business+ trim levels.

* THE Mazda CX-3 urban crossover has been upgraded.

The 121PS Skyactiv-G 2.0 engine and manual transmission benefit from the brand's cylinder deactivation system.

This facility shuts off two cylinders when there isn't much demand on the engine, such as when cruising.

Mazda claims it can save you up to 14pc on fuel consumption. The upgraded CX-3 arrives at dealers next month.

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