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A question of speed for us all; Leaks are dampening show appeal

I have a question for you about your driving.

As you know, more than 900 new speed zones came into effect across the country this week.

The 903 cameras operate in locations with a sad legacy of speed-related collisions.

The key question is will you change your driving? Will you slow down?

In anticipation of the rollout I'm prepared to confess that I have moderated my driving. Nothing dramatic but I am far more conscious of speed limits and their consequences. And I'm more relaxed in my driving.

Will the new system change your driving?

* With the Geneva Motor Show imminent it isn't surprising that details of debut models are being leaked online.

The 2020 Hyundai i20 is the latest revelation ahead of its official debut.

The supermini rivals the likes of the Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta etc with new angular styling and a sportier look.

The reason I mention 'leaks' at all is that I wonder how effective and relevant major motor shows are becoming.

I've been a fan. I love the glitz and talking to people from the global industry.

But virtually all the cars are revealed before the show, thus taking away the surprise element of attending.

* Toyota is to unveil a small SUV for Europe. Based on the new Yaris, it will have all-wheel-drive and a hybrid powertrain. And guess where it will debut? Geneva, of course.

It hasn't an official public name but they are promising "extensive small-car experience with its strong SUV heritage".

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