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508 draws crowd

IT WAS a tribute to the enduring popularity of Peugeot, and in particular its young and vibrant communications manager Emma Toner, that 27 journalists turned up for the launch of the 508 last Monday in Dublin.

The car replaces the 407 in the family/executive market that is dominated by the Ford Mondeo, Toyota Avensis and VW Passat.

The company claims that it is its finest car ever but it also did that for the three other cars it has launched in the last couple of years. In a way, it was proved right and the two crossovers, 3008 and 5008, and the beautiful RCZ coupe have gone on to pick up home and international honours by the score.

The 508 may have lost some of its Gallic flair in becoming more Teutonic than the German competition at which it is strongly aimed. It is available here with a choice of four efficient diesel engines and prices start at €24,850 and the usual ridiculous dealer delivery charges.

I have a car out on test this week and will give a full report next week.

Campbell Spray

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