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Thursday 14 November 2019

36,000 Toyotas recalled over electric window fault

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Eddie Cunningham, Motoring Editor

UP to 36,000 Toyota cars are being recalled in Ireland as part of the biggest global recall in 16 years.

The Japanese car maker has discovered a potential fault to an electric window switch that could overheat or melt in extreme circumstances. It could affect up to 7.5m Toyotas worldwide.

In 1996, Ford pulled back eight million vehicles to replace defective ignition switches that could have caused engine fires.

Toyota will ask owners to bring in their vehicles for a free check at their local dealer.

Involved in the Irish recall are 9,232 Yaris, 10,357 Auris, 14,112 Corolla and 2,392 RAV 4 vehicles.

They were made between September 2006 and December 2008.

The electric window master switch on the driver's door controls the windows for the driver and passengers. Toyota says that over time, the passenger window switches may begin to feel uneven or 'notchy' to the driver. They may, eventually stick or become inoperable.

The company says that in extreme circumstances, where a non-approved lubricant is applied to the switch, there is a potential for overheating and or melting.

It stresses that this can only happen in "extreme circumstances and only if a non-approved lubricant" is used.

Toyota is to write directly to the owners involved.

A company statement explained: "The remedy involves applying a specially developed lubricant to the switch. Or, if the switch is already demonstrating signs of malfunction, such as in the form of a sticking sensation the switch board will be replaced."

It takes 60 minutes to complete the work. Owners with queries can contact Toyota Ireland on 01 - 4190222.

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