Monday 19 March 2018

Mini he: Triona McCarthy on mini beauty products

Triona McCarthy loves mini versions of products. Photo: David Conachy
Triona McCarthy loves mini versions of products. Photo: David Conachy
Touch of Ginger Hangover Kit
Bryt Boys Shave Shaving Oil
Unisex scent from S&X
Khloe Kardashian
Armani Luminous Silk Powder compact

Triona McCarthy

The best things come in small packages this week, as our beauty boffin gives us her beauty news and views.

Triona's trends

Armani Luminous Silk Powder compact

Will says when he puts Mini, our one-year-old, on his lap, it's like he has his own personal ventriloquist! She sits up, poker-straight, on his knee, and opens and closes her mouth while Will waffles away. I'm thinking of putting them on the next Ireland's Got Talent!

With her pale skin and greeny-blue eyes, she really is a mini Will, which in no way at all leads me on to this week's topic: mini beauty products.

I love to use mini versions of products when I'm travelling. Lidl have a super range of mini mouthwashes, toothpastes, hand creams and more for next to nothing - I always stock up on them.

Somebody else who likes a little mini action is the new Irish brand, Moxi Loves, by Pamela Laird. Moxi Loves Eye Catcher Cleansing & Correcting Buds, €5.95. These are clever cotton buds which have just the right amount of Vitamin E, aloe and coconut oil to remove any eye-make-up mistakes gently.

In Boots, I grab a Gillette Venus Snap Razor with Embrace, €9.95. It's the first portable razor from the brand. Just wet the razor and you are ready to go!

You know the invisibobble, the hair ring that is so kind to your hair? Well, they now have a mini versh, the invisibobble Nano styling hair ring, €3, which is designed to secure braids and pigtails.

Now, my Armani Luminous Silk Powder compact, above, €45, is not strictly a mini. It's definitely the slimmest compact I've ever used, though - it fits into the teeniest of bags and the formula, as you'd expect, is oh-so fabulous.

Triona's trick

Now that my children are in bed by eight, I suddenly have time in the evenings to do things like sort out my wardrobe! It's a glam life here in Trilliam Towers! I'd nearly forgotten my old trick of using shaving cream to remove foundation from collars. Mix in a bit of alcohol if it's an oil-based foundation. If all else fails, try washing-up liquid.

Oh s**t kit

Touch of Ginger Hangover Kit


Not again.

White wine, your old nemesis, strikes once more.

Last night, in the dim light of the bar, it looked like a friend. But this morning, when you woke, 10 minutes late for work, with a rip-roaring hangover and your 'good' coat gone, you knew you'd been fooled. Again.

If this regularly happens to you, then you might need to carry in your bag what I call an 'Oh Sh*t Kit', with all the essentials, such as Dioralyte and Solpadeine.

Or maybe you could try the Touch of Ginger Hangover Kit, above, €11, from, which promises to do the trick.

This kit contains all the right stuff to "comfort, soothe and refresh the parts the alcohol reached last night". So you have a toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, a cotton eye mask, a refreshing wipe, a sachet of coffee and tissues.

So: back to the future. You swear that you'll never drink again . . . until the next time, that is!

Ice Ice Baby

Khloe Kardashian

If you're a Kardashian fan, then you'll remember when Khloe, above, had her first laser hair-removal sesh on KUTK. Well, you don't need to be a sleb to have this done. Nor do you have to be a sadomasochist, because Therapie Clinic now has the painless laser hair-removal system, Soprano Ice.

It also claims to be faster than all other laser hair-removal treatments, as well as being more effective. Unlike most laser hair-removal treatments, it works on almost all skin types, even tanned skin.

It minimises risk of burns by using cooling technology. Treatments start from €29.


Triona's most wanted

Bryt Boys Shave Shaving Oil

Come on now, we all do it. Don't we? You're at a dinner party at, say, your boss's house, or maybe a workmate's apartment, or better again, at a new boyfriend's pad . . .

You go to the bathroom to do your business, and there it is: the bathroom cabinet! Just begging for a snoop!

Let's see now, your boss is using an ovulation kit, but is perma single! Huh? Your workmate, who reckons she's a dupe for a Victoria's Secret Angel, has eleven different anti-cellulite creams!

And the new boyf uses haemorrhoid cream? WTF?

Holy god almighty!

Now if you'd spotted Bryt Boys Shave Shaving Oil, above, €20.60, in there, you'd have known you were onto a good thing, as this oil is what Will, my own good thing, uses.

Bryt skincare is new to Ireland, and also has wonderful women's products, but this oil is the hero product for me. It's unisex, you see.

Ladies can use it on their legs and wherever else, while men can use it on their faces, as it softens the hair while nourishing the skin, making it easier to shave.

Will's face is left clean, closely shaved, nourished and refreshed, thanks to the mix of almond oil, olive oil, and essential oils of bergamot, lemon and organic pepper.

Perfect for puckering up to.

That's puckering, I said.

Cult product

Unisex scent from S&X

S&X. The name first drew me to this fab new fragrance by the famous fashion snapper Rankin, under the award-winning fragrance designer Azzi Glasser's label, The Perfumer's Story By Azzi. The unisex scent, above, €110.55, for 30ml eau de parfum, from, is intoxicating, with notes of leather and white musk that make it stand out in a sea of sameness.

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