Saturday 24 March 2018

Mindful moment… When your brain stalls, hit refresh

Relaxing on a park bench
Relaxing on a park bench

Yesterday afternoon I hit a brick wall with my work. It was 2pm and I was faced with two choices - either I stay at my desk and keep banging my head or I get up, go out. Usually I would go for the head banging option but yesterday the sun was shining so I put my trainers on and walked to the park.

At first the work was going around and around in my head but as my steps fell into a rhythm my mind started to wonder and I looked around me. In the beds by the road, daffodils had shot up. They were like little bursts of joy. Above me the sky was the bluest blue and the clouds in it looked like cotton wool balls. At the park I spoke to a woman in her 80s who was taking her first walk after hip replacement. She was bombing around! I petted a few dogs who were delirious with the excitement of being out and smiled at a couple of children who seemed just as thrilled with life. I came back 40 minutes later feeling like a new woman. My work got finished easily - much more than it would have done if I'd stayed at my desk.

Often we are in such a hurry to get things done that we make things much harder than they need to be. A quick break, a breath of fresh air, a chat with strangers, can turn a bad day into a wonderful one.

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