Sunday 22 July 2018

Mindful moment… Watch your language (and not just the swearing)

Watch your language
Watch your language

I've been trying to watch my language lately, not just my swearing but the words I use in general. I've realised that several times a day I will say the following: "I'm tired", "I'm cold" and "I'm broke" which isn't exactly upbeat.

According to self-help gurus what we say to ourselves often becomes a reality - so the more I keep saying I'm broke, the more I'm going to stay broke. And just by saying we're tired, we make ourselves feel more tired. So I've set myself the challenge to go the whole week without saying these phrases, either out loud or in my head. Yesterday morning it was grey and damp and I had to get up two hours early to get a train, but I resisted moaning.

Instead of saying "I'm tired", I said to myself "I'll sleep well tonight" and instead of complaining about the cold, I said to the woman selling coffee by the station: "I think it's brightening up." She looked at the steely sky and looked at me like I was crazy - which is another upside to positivity: not only does it cheer you up, it can be quite amusing confusing the hell out of everyone around you.

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