Thursday 18 July 2019

Mindful moment… Walk away your worries

A walk by trees can lift the mood
A walk by trees can lift the mood

Marianne Power

Ok, so it's back-to-reality-blues time. The tree is on its way down and the house is covered with its spines. The Hoover is snarled up with tinsel.

Boxes awaiting decorations surround you and every time you put on your trousers you regret that fourth tin of Quality Streets you ate. So here's what you do: go for a walk in nature. The simple act of walking in a green space has been found to improve mental health, according to new American research.

A simple walk by trees stopped people from engaging in what is called 'morbid rumination' - which is the worrying, brooding and dwelling on negative aspects of our lives that can lead to depression. Scans showed a walk in the park actually slowed down activity in the part of the brain associated with worrying.

So go on. Get your trainers on. Put on an anorak and go for a walk. Even if it has been years since you were last out for a stroll, you won't regret it now. Look at the sky and the grass and feel the cold air reviving you. Half an hour from now I promise you you'll feel better. And then you can celebrate with some cake. 

* Marianne Power is the author of

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