Wednesday 22 January 2020

Mindful moment… Stop fidgeting yourself insecure

A confident pose will make you feel more confident.
A confident pose will make you feel more confident.

When we're nervous there's a lot of things we tend to do without realising. We might jiggle our feet, pace around the room or fiddle with our hair, hands or jewellery. It can be obvious to others that we're not relaxed in their company.

One particularly telling sign that somebody is feeling very nervous is if they wrap their hands around their neck. This physical reflex is a throwback to a time when we had to protect ourselves from the jaws of a predator by literally covering the carotid artery. When we do it, it is a sign that we feel anxious and threatened.

So next time you catch yourself doing it, ask yourself why? What is really so scary? Are you in a job interview? Or with someone you don't like? Are you nervous on a date? Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen? And would it be so terrible if that scenario did happen? Now take a few deep breaths and bring down your hands and put them by your side or on the table. By taking a more confident pose, you will in turn, actually make yourself feel more confident.

* Marianne Power is the author of

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